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Light-up logo notebook with a 4000 mAh powerbank and 3-in-1 integrated cable. (Type C, Android, iPhone) Input: 5V/1A Output: 5V/2A When opened, the magnetic strap lights up. The removeable A5 notebook comes with 30 pages. Comes in a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper.

from £51.78

Power bank with two wireless earbuds. The Li-ion battery has a 4000 mAh capacity. Input 5V/0.9A (micro USB), output 5V/1A (USB). Including charging cable (USB - micro USB).

from £40.83

3000 mAh powerbank with integrated 3-in-1 cable. (Type C, Android, iPhone) As soon as you touch the powerbank, the logo lights up for 30 seconds, and logo illuminates when the device is charging.

from £35.87

The Typhoon is the next generation of power banks, offering both wireless charging and traditional charging via a connector cable. The Typhoon boasts a 4,000mAh battery capacity, capable of fully charging any mobile phone device more than once. It's modern aluminium finish makes the Typhoon extremley robust and allows for your design and logo to engrave in spectacular oxidised white colour. The suction cups have been designed to attach to your mobile device securely and to initiate the wireless charging function. The Typhoon offers future-proof charging with a USB, Micro USB and a Type-C connector port and is complete with battery indicator lights. Product supplied with cable to charge power bank and instruction manual. ROHS, CE & FCC certified. Available on 24hr rush service.

from £35.23

Environment friendly FCS certified power bank made of wood and RPET The logo lights up for 30 seconds when the battery is charged, and stays lit when charging 3-in-1 charging cable (iPhone/Android/Type C) Double output USB 2A Delivered in a gift box made of recycled paper Wood, PET Plastic, Rubber

from £32.07

Relay 20.000 mAh power bank. The Relay 20000 mAh Power Bank has 3 USB ports with a max output of 5V/2.1A (output 1:5V/1A, output 2: 5V/1A and output 3: 5V/2.1A). This power bank contains a Grade A 20000 mAh Lithium-ion battery and features a flashlight. The 4 blue LED indicators show the remaining battery capacity of the power bank. Includes a USB to Micro USB charging cable. Supplied in a white Avenue gift box. ABS Plastic.

from £28.28

MagSafe Power Bank with Stand is suitable for iPhone 12 series and newer models.Charge your phone on the go wirelessly. The stand makes watching media whiile charging simple.Additional USB-C port for charging another device too.Printed with your logo.White Colour.Minuimum 50pcs.No cable supplied as you can charge the power bank using your iPhone Lightning cable.

from £25.00

4000mAh Compact powerbank with all the connectors hidden inside.

from £24.24

8000mAh bamboo power bank with dual USB output. Integrated solar panel for quick topup charging, ideal for outdoor activities. 5V/2A Type-C input, 5V/1A USB output 1 and 5V/2A USB output 2. Delivered in a gift box with an instruction manual (both made of sustainable materials). Bamboo wood.

from £24.13

Wireless charging magnetic powerbank that can be attached to the back of the phone (iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro /iPhone 12 Pro MAX) to charge the device. The 5W wireless charger is compatible with all Qi devices (iPhone 8 or above and Android devices that supports wireless charging), and for other phones it can be used as a regular wireless powerbank. For charging via cable the powerbank offers one Type-C input/output (5V/1.5A). The item also supports lightning input (5V/1.5A) for the original cable from Apple. 32 pieces high quality N52 heat resistant magnets provides the strong Magclick functionality. No accessory cable provided for sustainability purposes. Delivered in a premium kraft paper box with a colourful sticker. ABS Plastic.

from £24.09

Spare 10.000 mAh power bank. The Spare Power Bank packs a 10000 mAh Grade A lithium-ion battery and a flashlight that can be used in dark places or by night. It allows you to charge up to three devices simultaneously with a max output of 5V/2.1A (output 1: 5V/1A, output 2: 5V/1A and output 3: 5V/2.1A). The 4 blue LED indicators show the remaining battery capacity of the power bank. Includes a USB to Micro USB charging cable. Supplied in a white Avenue gift box. ABS Plastic.

from £24.01

10.000 mAh wireless powerbank with tempered glass covering suitable for custom decoration. Wireless charging compatible with all QI enabled devices like Android latest generation, iPhone 8 and up. Power indicator that shows energy level at all times. Type-C input 5V/2A, USB-A output 5V/2A, wireless output 5V/1A 5W. Made from ABS plastic with rubber coating and tempered glass on the front. Including PVC free TPE plastic Type-C charging cable. Delivered in a premium gift box. ABS Plastic, Glass.



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